Luminous Contact Lenses For Luminous Marked Cards – Pokercheat8

Are you looking to perform flawlessly in poker or make magic tricks for your friends? Are you familiar with invisible ink-marked decks of cards? Are you curious about the numbers and suits of the cards? One useful and obscure method is to wear contact lenses made from marked cards luminous contact lenses. Contact lenses infrared luminous ink reader can be used to see clearly the markings on UV and IR marked cards. Some infrared luminous contact lenses for playing cards users are concerned that the infrared contact lenses for reading cards will cause a change in their eyes’ color. Because the human pupil diameter is very small best marked card decks, small infrared perspective marking playing cards contact lenses can help you to avoid any anxiety. It will not alter the user’s eyes color and will allow them to see the marks clearly. Our magic trick contact lens for playing cards have a high water and oxygen content. This ensures comfort, while low-quality poker cheating lenses can cause eye irritation. Infrared contact lenses are ideal for marking playing cards readers.

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