All In One Cable Crossover Smith Machines GSS01


All In One Cable Crossover Smith Machines LFM11 Gympac Smith Machine is a piece of strength equipment used in weight training that consists of sized barbell that is fixed horizontally to hooked carriages on each side that move vertically along steel rails or guide rods. A smith machine can be used for a wide variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, upright rows, shrugs, chest presses, and military press – Enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with built-in adjustable safety stoppers – Smith press bar easily stored away to allow full accessibility for other floor exercise – 600kg super heavy rating – 100x50x25mm Tubing main frame – High-strengh steel cable with good flexibility and strength of extension which provides longer lifetime – Premium 2 toned high quality finish powder coating – Commercial HD bolts and lock nuts

* Adjustable J-hooks and Safe Arms
* Adjustable bar catches
* Weight and bar storage
* Smith Machine
* Power Rack
* Arm Support
* Barrel Training
* Frame 3D Smith Machine Cable Crossover
* Comprehensive Trainging Gym Equipment

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